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What My Followers Bought in February

What My Followers Bought is a new monthly series I’m starting to share the top 10 most-purchased items that my followers/subscribers across all platforms (IG, YouTube, TikTok, blog) bought using my affiliate links. The beauty mediascape tends to be flooded with new releases, so I always find it fascinating to see what people are actually buying, what is really trending and what is useful and desirable. There’s a good mix this month of beauty, lifestyle, home, and fashion.

This list is limited to what people purchased using my affiliate links, which enable me to track certain kinds of data, like items purchased, links clicked, etc. So, thank you for using my links!

Here are the most-purchased items of February 2022, starting with the most-purchased item and following in descending order.

Much to my surprise, the most popular item of February was this Etsy rug that I purchased from the highly-rated seller Jaipur Hometextiles. It’s a 9x12 Jaipur-made dhurrie rug, block-printed and handcrafted of 100% cotton.

It’s pretty rare to find a handmade rug of this quality under $500, and I am so pleased with this. The colors especially stand out: perfectly balanced and slightly subdued. Although it is a pink rug, it has an earthiness to it that reads more like a clay-tone, depending on the natural light and time of day. The clay pink base is a rather neutral tone that offsets the warmer orange, while the geometric shapes and pop of black create a modern feel.

Dhurrie rugs are on the thin side, definitely a low-pile rug. It won’t give you that plushy feel underfoot, but you can definitely add a rug pad under this if you’d like.

Probably my most-used foundation of all time, this fluid, medium coverage foundation with a skin-like finish never gets old to me. 2WO remains one of my best shade matches. The coverage is extremely adjustable, so I can sheer this out for a casual, everyday look, or build it up for a more perfected look.

3. Em Cosmetics Daydream Cushion, shade Sweet Secret

I mentioned the Em Cosmetics Daydream Cushion in my January Favorites video for its ease of application, added SPF, and luminous finish with light/medium coverage. It seems many of you have a similar wishlist when it comes to base products. I wear shade Sweet Secret.

I give a full demo and review of the cushion in this video, if you’re curious about all the details.

I mentioned the High Rise Brief in my Sunday Six a couple of weeks ago. They are flatteringly high-waisted but stretchy and breathable. The mesh panels give these a modern edge. I feel sexy and comfortable when I wear these.

I’ve been wearing these non-stop, and many of you have purchased them too since I mentioned them in last week’s Sunday Six. Sleek and clean, the white leather elevates these from your everyday pair of canvas Chucks. Runs large; I wear a size 5.5 and I purchased size 5. If I could have sized down a whole size, I would have.

I’ve now purchased this in the black/camel and black/white colorways because I like it so much. I’ve gone all-in on the half-zip trend, mostly because it gives me the option of staying warm without irritating my sensitive and eczema-prone neck area. But I also think it’s a pretty timeless trend.

This is a warm, chunky knit. It does have a bit of weight to it, but I like that. Although it is already oversized, I still sized up to a medium because I wanted the extra length. It is long in the arms, but that just adds to the coziness, in my opinion.

I mentioned this in a recent YouTube video that highlighted products I almost bought, but didn’t. But several of you did!

I am still lusting after this rusty terracotta blush with fine golden pearl from the limited edition Chanel Spring 2022 collection. It hits the blonzer trend, though this seems to be a bronzer, blush, and highlighter in one. It continues to tempt me.

I mentioned this over a year ago in my Most-Used Brushes post, and much to my surprise several of you picked it up this month! This affordable brush remains one of my favorites. The perfect shape and density for blending out concealer under the eye as well as other areas of the face.

9. NuFACE Trinity (use code BEKAHSUN25 on for 25% off)

I’ve been committing to using my NuFACE almost every night this month, and it seems many of you are joining me.

With consistent use, I see noticeable lifting and sculpting, especially around my cheekbones, above my eyebrows, and on my jawline. Microcurrent science has proven efficacy. As with all skincare devices, consistency is key.

Sonia G. recently restocked many of her brushes, including one of my favorites from her line, the Smooth Buffer. This is a flat-top kabuki-style brush meant to buff and blend powders into the skin. This is slightly smaller than her iconic Face One brush. I personally prefer smaller face brushes, so I think this is the perfect size for buffing in face powders, powder blushes, and powder bronzers. Works beautifully with both pressed and loose powders.

Sonia G. Brushes are expensive, but you will have them forever, with proper care. They are natural bristle brushes hand-crafted in Japan. You can read about my favorite brushes from her line here.

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