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hi, I'm Bekah.

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I’m a beauty enthusiast with an affinity for luxury and an insistence on equity in the beauty space. I’m Korean American, a woman of color, a daughter of immigrants.  I’m a PhD Candidate trained in cultural studies, visual studies, ethnic studies, gender and sexuality studies, and ethnography. Storytelling, aesthetics, creative production, and embodied experience are at the heart of my work in academia and in beauty alike. 


To me, beauty is nuance, a lens through which we observe and honor the most precious, playful, and intimate parts of ourselves. We learn that the self is multi-dimensional, ever-evolving, dynamic.


I picture beauty as a space in which care is a pre-requisite. The possibilities for play are infinite. There are expansive shade ranges with undertones for all. Indulgence is balanced by a care for the worlds we inhabit. Bare face or full beat — there is no shame in how you inhabit your body. Beauty has no gender, but there is space for every gender. Beauty is for everyone. 

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This website does utilize some affiliate links, sponsored collaborations, and advertising with brands, retailers, or PR firms. Affiliate links can generate a commission on purchases made from purchases with links directly from this website. Note that not all links published here are affiliate links. Utilizing these links does help support the ongoing curation of this website.


I also may feature products on this website that were sent as press samples for testing and review. I only accept gifted products with no post obligations, and I do not say yes to every offer. I always test the products myself and share candid reviews. I will always disclose whether a product was gifted in my review.


This website is built on transparency and authenticity. I am very particular about which collaborations and partnerships I take on. 


If you have any inquiries or would like to collaborate, please reach out to me at

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