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Sunday Six 1.30.22

I'm back with #sundaysix after a bit of a hiatus. If you're new around here, #sundaysix is pretty simple: six things I enjoyed this week in any category, beauty or otherwise. Join me on Instagram – share yours and tag me!

I can't stop wearing this sweater. I know half-zip sweaters are quite the trend right now, but this feels classic and timeless enough that I will enjoy them for a good while. Plus, it's brilliant to be able to get a sweater on over my head without disturbing my makeup.

The sweater runs oversized, but I still sized up to a medium for an extra cozy fit. It's a chunkier knit than I expected (in a good way) and very warm, a blend of wool, cotton, and polyamide. I'm waiting for the black and white stripe to come back into stock because I would love to pick it up.

It's rare for me to fall in love with a mist. In general, a mist is a mist is a mist. It has to be really good to stand out from the rest, you know?

This is a unicorn mist that I can use in both my skincare and makeup routines. Hydrating but not heavy, with a super fine and even mist component. It's not exactly a continuous mist, but almost.

As someone with combo/oily skin, I am very picky about facial oils. I've slathered this oil all over my face at the end of my skincare routine every night this week and I'm guaranteed to wake up with plump, glowy skin. I find this to be especially barrier-supporting, especially when I'm using actives or healing breakouts.

Full review to come, but in short: this lives up to the hype. In a way that hyped products rarely do.

It takes a few uses to really understand the magic of this product and how it truly repairs hair. My bleached, highlighted hair has felt softer, more lustrous, and shinier with every use. That said, if you don’t have damaged or color-treated hair, I don’t know if it will be worth the rather high price point. For me, it’s a game changer.

A bouncy, hydrating gel serum that is packed with peptides to support healthy skin aging. A great supportive ingredient to any actives you might be using. Plus, Medik8 formulas are always top notch.

I finally got around to trying the Patrick Ta blush duos, and my only regret is that I didn't try it sooner. The formula is very smooth, blendable, and easy to apply. She's So LA is a rosy brown, the perfect "blonzer" (blush + bronzer) shade that seems to lift and sculpt the face at the same time. The powder-then-cream application order is a bit unusual, but it does make for all-day wear.

*PR samples


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