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What My Followers Are Buying in January

It's been a while since I shared The Most Popular Things™ so we're back, baby. I know we're all nosy and we like to know what other people are into, so here are the bestsellers of 2023 thus far.

Turns out very comfortable and high-quality seamless underwear is in high demand, I'm glad we've all collectively decided that comfort is key. I shared a mini-haul of SoftStretch underwear and bralettes. Of all of the seamless underwear I've tried, Chantelle's is the most durable and comfortable. Their sale is actually still ongoing and I've basically decided to switch over most of my underwear to Chantelle, so I just placed another order.

I've ordered the thong, bikini, hipster, and v-neck bralette. Note: the bralette is padded and the pads are not removable, but I wish they were. Chantelle uses a one size fits all model, though they technically have *two* sizes: one size for XS-XL and one size for 1X-4X. I was skeptical of this sizing model at first, but every review I've heard from people of all sizes is that somehow the fabric is stretchy enough to work for many body shapes.

2. ALTICA Bag, or the Dragon Diffusion Dupe

This bag is nearly identical to the Dragon Diffusion Nantucket bag. I do not use the term dupe lightly, and I generally don't really like dupe culture, but this is nearly identical to the DD bag.

I included this bag in my Best Fashion Items of 2022 video, and I'm so happy to see that many of you bought it. It's a woven leather bag of super high quality and it's become my go-to high-volume tote bag. It's big enough to hold my 13" Macbook, a book, sunglasses, wallet, water bottle, a sweater, the list goes on.

Above: The Dragon Diffusion Nantucket Bag.

This bag is made by a co-op of artisans called Artisans & Leather Technicians of India Co-operative Association, or ALTICA. I had my eye on this for months and spent months researching it, and concluded that Dragon Diffusion must source from these artisans, or at least artisans nearby. The quality, color, and design of the bag are nearly identical. The only difference is the dimensions, which are slightly off by a couple of inches on either side. I'm happy to be buying from the seller directly.

One note: the bag ships in a poster tube-like package. It's pretty slim and surprising once you receive it, but once you unroll the bag it takes its beautiful shape again.

3. All Things Dieux Skin (10% off code BEKAH10)

My two longtime favorites from the brand are their Deliverance Serum and Instant Angel Moisturizer, which I'm sure you all know by now I love for soothing and calming the skin.

Their newest launch, Auracle Reviving Eye Gel, is deliciously hydrating and plumping. A perfect pairing with their Eye Masks. Truly dry skins may want to top with something more occlusive to seal it all in.

My current favorite daily SPF and my favorite sunscreen of 2022. Sheer, lightweight, hydrating without being heavy, easy to reapply. Everything I need from an SPF, really!

I'm not at all surprised to see that people are continuing to buy and love Merit . I mentioned several of their products in my Best Makeup of 2022 and Best Skincare of 2022 videos, and I have a full Merit brand review with swatches and application demos.

They just released four new shades of their Flush Balms, and the shades Fox and Persimmon are definitely calling my name.

Their Signature Lip Lightweight Lipstick seems to be a top seller (my favorite shades are Cabo, Slip, and Millenial lately). I'm also really excited that their Great Skin Serum is back in stock!


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