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Sephora Shopping Guide 2022: Fragrance, Hair, Body

For my recommendations this year, I wanted to focus on products that were released in 2022 (or that I discovered this year). It’s been a great year for new beauty releases and I’ve discovered so many new holy grail-status products. If you’d like to see these products in action, you can check out my YouTube video.

I also stand by all of my past Sephora shopping guides, if you’d like to check out my holy grails and longtime favorites.

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As always, please remember to spend responsibly and don’t get into debt for beauty products. Enjoy!


I recently curated a Fall Fragrance Edit with a more extensive list of perfume and candle recommendations. Below is a more curated list!

Dedcool Milk – Sephora has brought in several niche fragrance brands this year, and Dedcool is one of my favorites. Milk is considered a “layering fragrance” – think of it as a eau de toilette, or a lighter version of a perfume. Milk is a very clean musk with notes of amber and bergamot. There’s a touch of white florals to keep things clean and fresh. Wears close to the skin, becomes softer throughout the day, work-appropriate but also cozy. If you like Glossier You, you’ll love this.

Dedcool Taunt – Taunt is exactly the kind of vanilla scent I love: warm but woodsy, skin-like and not overly sweet or gourmand. A modern, fresh vanilla. Much like Milk, this is a very “wearable” perfume that I can wear for any occasion.

PHLUR Missing Person – People have lost their minds for Missing Person this year, and I love it, too. This is another musky woods scent, a bit of bergamot to create lightness. Also wears close to the skin and works well for any occasion.

PHLUR Somebody Wood – A true woods scent, this has a base of sandalwood and amber, definitely a unisex scent. I find that the opening note is surprisingly crisp because of the bergamot. Wears into a creamy, musky scent over time.

Commodity Gold – I’m so excited to see Commodity’s triumphant return to Sephora this year. Much like Dedcool Taunt, Commodity Gold is a woodsy vanilla but a touch sweeter and creamier. The lactonic notes make this a gourmand that I really enjoy throughout the day. I also love that this comes in three versions: Personal (light throw), Expressive (regular throw), and Bold (stronger throw)

Boy Smells Marble Fruit Eau de Parfum – This is a big woodsy floral with juicy notes of pear and freesia that wear into a more musky sandalwood throughout the day. I don’t typically go for florals, but this is such a unique floral hybrid that I really enjoy. Plus, Boy Smells perfume bottles are stunningly sculptural works of art.

Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Eau de Parfum – A rare scent that I love both as a candle and as a perfume, though the scents differ slightly. Cashmere Kush Eau de Perfume has more noticeable powdery florals that melt into a sexy, woodsy musk throughout the day.


Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Candle – The Cashmere Kush candle is slightly darker, stickier, kushier. A perfect fall/winter candle, this is perfect for an evening at home: cozy, warm, sultry.

Boy Smells LES Candle – For something lighter, LES is a creamy fruit with notes of black currant and beach blossom with a base of cedar wood and vanilla. Feminine but also round and warm.

Nest Holiday Candle (on the left) – My all-time favorite holiday candle, Nest does it best. Smells like a real, crisp pine tree with sharp notes of pomegranate and cloves. Everything you ever want to smell during the holiday season in one candle. If you are a pine tree purist, go for Birchwood Pine.

Otherland Rattan Candle – A classic sandalwood, this has a great throw. Warm and cozy with notes of amber and musk. Shawn’s been burning this in his office lately, and it’s giving me all of the warm cozy autumn feelings.


Nécessaire Body Serum – Absolutely stunning, and an excellent body moisturizer for people who don’t like lotion textures. This is a super spreadable serum texture that reminds me of a serum/gel cream hybrid. It deeply hydrates the skin and sinks in immediately. Also a great value in terms of price per ounce. I know many people use this for the face too because it’s a fragrance-free hydrating serum. It would really last forever that way.

Nécessaire Body Lotion – A yummy, nourishing blend of sweet almond, hazelnut, macadamia oils, among others. This is lightweight and sinks in very quickly. I love it even more when mixed into the Body Serum, which makes it more spreadable overall.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Pro-Retinol Body Butter — This is just delicious. It’s a rich, creamy, pink cream: fragrance-free, uber nourishing but not claggy, the way other body butters can be. A beautiful indulgence, enriched with Josie Maran’s signature argan oil, among other plant oils and extracts. My one issue with this product is with its marketing. It contains pink algae extract that they purport is a retinol alternative, but it has neither the science nor the proven effects of retinol. Still, this is rich and moisturizing and just lovely to use.

Nécessaire Hand Cream — A fragrance-free, lightweight hand cream that is enriched with peptides. This is my current desk-side hand cream: it moisturizes but sinks in quickly so I can get right back to work on my keyboard without worrying about greasiness or residue.


Nécessaire Shampoo and Conditioner – I’m so excited that the Nécessaire hair line is now at Sephora. This is a fantastic duo for sensitive scalps because it’s fragrance-free. The shampoo creates a fantastic lather and cleans thoroughly without stripping the hair. The conditioner is on the richer side, restoring moisture to the hair.

Living Proof Triple Bond Complex – Once in a while a hair product comes around that gives you really noticeable, touchable results with your hair. This is that product: a leave-in hair treatment that you work through wet hair for stronger, smoother, shinier hair – especially noticeable when I blow dry or heat style my hair.

Ceremonia Guava Rescue Spray – Ceremonia is a newer brand at Sephora, and I’m so excited about it. The Guava line is tropical, fruity deliciousness. The Rescue Spray is a multi-tasking leave-in product that detangles, hydrates, and protects from heat.

Fable & Mane HoliRoots Pre-Wash Treatment Oil – Fable& Main is bringing traditional Indian beauty rituals to Sephora, and the Treatment Oil is one of their best. This is a scalp oil that you apply before shampooing that has really helped me get a thorough cleanse and balance my oily scalp. Think of it as double cleansing for your scalp. Especially helpful if you use a lot of hair products (dry shampoo, leave-ins, mousse, etc) that require a thorough but gentle cleanse.

Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush — If you want a bouncy, voluminous blowout look but struggle with a traditional blow dryer and round brush, this is for you. It’s a lightweight, round barrel blow dryer brush that has 3 settings: cool, low, and high. It’s lightweight and the barrel is oval-shaped, which help maintain tension as you are roll out the hair from root to ends. ⁣I prefer to air dry my hair about halfway before styling with the Hair Blow Dryer Brush.

T3 TwirlA convertible curling iron with 3 interchangeable barrels: .75" - 1.25". If you’re someone who curls your hair often and wants versatile barrel sizes without the clutter of owning multiple irons, this is the one for you. I love how quickly and evenly this heats up, and the even heating across the whole barrels does create a shiny curl without damaging my hair. The interchangeable experience is elegant, no wiggling or jamming in the clip. Also available as a wand-style, the T3 Whirl Trio.


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