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My Top 10 Most Repurchased Sephora Products

Today I’m sharing my top ten most repurchased Sephora products of all time (that I can think of!). These are products I’ve repurchased dozens of times and remained loyal to for many, many years. You’ll see more skincare and haircare on this list than makeup, simply because I run through those products more regularly than color cosmetics. But, there are a few makeup favorites here, too.

I also have comprehensive Sephora shopping guides on makeup, skincare, and hair + body + fragrance. I stand by all of those recommendations and they are my most extensive favorites lists to date with reviews, swatches and demos. You can also see what I’m eyeing and buying in this year’s sale.

Sale Info:

Rouge Members get 20% off from 4/9 to 4/19

VIB Members get 15% off from 4/13 to 4/19

Insiders get 10% off from 4/15-4/19

Membership is free so you’re guaranteed at least 10% off if you sign up.

*This post does utilize affiliate links.

Armani Power Fabric Concealer in Shade 5— How many times can I rave about this concealer? It’s simply perfection and I’ve barely looked at another under-eye concealer since this one was released about two years ago. It’s a very thin formula that packs in pigmentation without adding any texture or heaviness to the under-eye area. It’s a gel-like formula that spreads very quickly and evenly while remaining skin-like. I’d say it’s a medium/full coverage but easily adjustable. It’s a natural finish but I do like to set it with powder. I love it for under-eyes but it also works well on the face. I’ve repurchased it four or five times now. Shade 5 is my perfect shade, golden with neutral undertones.

I'm wearing it on the right, and you can see it in action here here.

Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo — My favorite dry shampoo for nearly ten years. I can use this multiple days in a row without too much added texture or product buildup because it doesn’t take much to make my hair look actually clean. It’s an aerosol spray with a white powder that, when shaken well, leaves no white cast in my dark hair. Just make sure you spritz from an arm’s distance. I always go for the jumbo size bottle because it’s the best value. I kid you not, I have probably gone through dozens of bottles of this dry shampoo in my life.

Shiseido Lash Curler + Curler Pad Replacements — The best lash curler for smaller eyes with a flatter curve. The lash pad refills specifically are some of my most repurchased Sephora products. Don’t forget to change the lash pads on your curler regularly and sanitize the curler to keep it hygienic and give it its longest-lasting life.

I discuss my current mascara routine using this curler here! Picture on the right alongside one of my new favorite Sephora mascaras, the Bite Beauty Upswing mascara.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask — A cult favorite for a reason! I’ve slather this mask on my lips every night before bed for years and I pretty much never have chapped lips. It’s a thick mask that coats my mask all night and leaves my lips very soft in the morning. Vanilla is my favorite, followed by Berry.

I discuss the formula in the Apple Lime scent here!

Belif Aqua Bomb — The Aqua Bomb is a gel moisturizer that’s like a cool drink of water for the skin. I like to pull this out in the spring/summer because it’s perfect for my combo/oily skin. It gives you juicy skin and hydrates without adding any heaviness or thick texture. It wears beautifully under makeup and SPF. It also comes in a mini and jumbo size, as well as this adorable set on the right.

Beauty Blender Pro— While there are countless beauty sponges on the market now, I still stand by the Beauty Blender as the best. Personally I love the Beauty Blender Pro, the black sponge, because I feel like it gives me the best finish. It doesn’t bleed when I rinse it, like the pink one sometimes does. I don’t always use Beauty Blenders because I like to cycle through my beauty sponges frequently, but I do think the Sephora sale is a good time to stock up on them.

Dior Lip Glow — I’ve gone through countless tubes of Dior Lip Glow over the years. It’s the perfect tinted lip balm, in my opinion. It’s a thicker formula that seems to grip the lips and actually hydrates my lips for hours. One of my favorite lip balm formulas for its long-lasting moisture, it's a tint that actually works as a treatment.

It comes in a variety of shades, Pink being the original and my most repurchased. They’ve released many shades since, and I think Coral and Rosewood are gorgeous too.

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant — I recently worked on a campaign for the launch of Paula’s Choice at Sephora, and the love is real. I’ve used the 2% BHA for almost a decade, and I credit it to keeping my pores clear and my breakouts at bay. BHA is a star ingredient for oily skin because it penetrates in the pores and helps control oil production. One bottle will last you a good while, and it also comes in a mini.

See how I use the BHA here!

NEST New York Candles— I’ve bought so many Nest candles for myself and as gifts for others through the years. They fill up the room and burn cleanly. I also find the burn time to be very good relative to candle size. Some of my favorite scents: Grapefruit, Sicilian Tangerine, and more recently, Wild Mint & Eucalyptus.

Full review of Wild Mint & Eucalyptus here, shown on the right along with the Necessaire Body Lotion (a new Sephora favorite!) and the Not Pot CBD Muscle soak.

L’Occitane Hand Cream — My favorite hand cream and a must-have in my purse at all times! It moisturizes while sinking in quickly and leaving no tackiness behind, a key quality for any hand cream. I love the Shea Butter version personally; the scent is refreshing but doesn’t linger. I also love the Almond version for when I want something a little more indulgent. The minis are cute, too, and make for great little gifts!


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